How to DUNK, like the PROS!

By: Aaron Dungca, Physical Education, Health Education, Nutrition, Wellness, and Mindfulness professional.

Giannis Antetokounmpo
NBA Most Valuable Player Award 2019

One measure of athleticism is a person’s ability to JUMP vertically. This is well known throughout the sport of basketball because of the possibility to score more points, increase the chances of rebounds and beat the competition if no one can match physically. This skill does not just play a factor in basketball, but in many more athletic competitions and sports. People who can jump higher has an advantage over others much like if a person was running in a race and others around them were walking, jogging or worse crawling.

Jumping is a set skill that many have preconceived ideas on never being able to obtain or do well. The muscles that depend on this skill are the fast twitch fibers that carry energy in short bursts to create explosive movements. Slow twitch fibers on the other hand and the fibers that allow for long distance actions such as jogging or walking, swimming or paddling a kayak.

Overall, this skill has been perfected and now being taught to many athletes varying in ages and moments in their careers. Jump training is a necessary skill to learn not just for the advantages it brings to the individual, but more towards longevity of their muscle and bone density. The more times a muscle is under stress, it adapts and learns that it needs to be stronger to handle the added pressure. This adaptation allows for the body to be create more muscles around heavily used joints and creates a system of absorption through muscle and bone.

Wallace Higgins at 5’9 DUNK!

If you are a person looking to increase your ability to jump, create more muscle and bone mass and strengthen your overall body frame, I suggest you check out Jacob Hiller, the creator of Jump Training. His program is a tested method that has a reputable brand in teaching and pushing athletes to higher elevations within their physical capabilities and athletic performance. Lastly, even if you are not an athlete, participating in resistance training, jump training, and paying attention to your body has exponential benefits no matter what age, sex, occupation, and state in life you are. As Nike would say, “Just Do It.”

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