Podcast to check out!

I have been following and listening to a podcast that caught my attention awhile ago. Two Australian podcast hosts are very entertaining and knowledgeable about their topics of the mysterious universe that we live in…

Hook Episode Click Here

This is a short blog, but to inform you and reel you in as I was. The two hosts are Aaron Wright @ and Benjamin Grundy and they compliment each other so well that you feel as though you are right there with them talking about the most interesting and bizarre things that is out there in the world! Check them out on the link above! @mysteriousuniv

Some examples are: Bigfoot Mania, UFOs, Gods and Goddesses, Human Evolution, Human Feats, Natures fury, etc. I would send you to the first podcast that I listened to and have been hooked ever since. Here is the story…

In the late 1920s, before his death, a Swiss language teacher in Greece left his secret diary to his favourite student for translation. As he began the translation it became apparent that this was no ordinary diary and its contents would soon become an object of fascination and secrecy to Freemasons and Theosophists alike.

We reveal the story of the diary and the bizarre claims of its author, Paul Amadeus Dienach.

Hidden by the Freemasons: the man who lived in the future

These guys are absolutely filled with interesting points and I appreciate their skepticism or romanticism depending on the topic! Happy podcasting!

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